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Pros and Cons of Raking Your Leaves

With the fall season comes more yard work. Although raking may seem like a straightforward job, doing it the wrong way can cause your lawn to suffer in the end. Here are the pros and cons of raking those autumn leaves.

The Argument for Raking

Helps Deter Insects & Fungus

Certain insects love to take refuge under leaves. Just a few of the potential pests include roaches, termites, and beetles. Raking up the fallen leaves will help keep these bugs away. This will also help deter the growth of fungus, which can seriously ruin your landscaping.

Enhances Your Property's Curb Appeal

It’s no secret that leaves can create a big eyesore. This is especially true for homeowners who have many deciduous trees near their lawn. If you want to keep things looking neat and tidy, raking is a good idea.

Helps Your Lawn to Remain Healthy

When leaves have collected on the ground, the health of the underlying grass can suffer. A well-nourished lawn needs plenty of water, sunlight, and nutrients. Thick layers of leaves inhibit the growth of grass and can kill your lawn in patches.

The Argument Against Raking

Leaves Can Fertilize Your Lawn

Allowing your leaves to sit out on your lawn can actually help fertilize your lawn. As long as the leaves aren’t smothering every inch of your lawn, allowing leaves to decompose on your grass can help it grow. However, too many leaves will smother the growth of your grass, so mulching the leaves and then spreading the mulch on your lawn will work better than letting the leaves just sit out.

Requires Extra Time and Effort

Like so many other people, you probably don’t have a lot of extra time to spare. The task of raking leaves can take hours. Folks who have a big yard could spend their entire weekend raking. Furthermore, this job requires a great deal of physical labor.

Could Damage the Grass

If you use too much pressure when raking, there’s a good chance the grass could become damaged. If you happen to pull the roots out, don’t expect your lawn to look nearly as nice next spring.

Some people like taking care of their yard work themselves, but for others, it’s best for a professional to do the work. Our professional landscaping team can help you with your seasonal lawncare, landscaping, and hardscaping needs. Contact our team online or call us today to schedule an appointment!

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