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Winter Landscaping Ideas

Snowy Branch

In the spring, summer, and fall, your landscape produces blooming flowers and colorful leaves. But if you feel like your garden in the winter is a little dull, you're not alone. Plenty of people have lackluster yards this time of year, but there are landscaping techniques that you can incorporate to add visual interest in an otherwise bleak backdrop.

Add Berry-Producing Shrubs and Trees

Bright, red berries are a favorite for winter landscaping because they break up a dreary landscape with pops of color. Holly berries are a classic, but ornamental fruiting shrubs, such as the Purple Beautyberry is another attractive choice.

Install a Trellis and Other Hardscapes

While you can't plant a bush into the frozen ground, you can add some types of hardscapes on a mild winter day. A trellis on the side of the house can add visual interest during any season, and you can install an arch over a walkway in the garden to create further appeal. Also, gazebos can add charm to your yard, and you can even sit outside in them on a sunny day.

Plant Decorative Grasses

You might think that decorative grasses will only look beautiful during the warmer seasons, but it's quite lovely when the dead grasses catch the snow and ice, making a shimmering display. Switch Grass, Blue Oat Grass, and Indian Grass are all varieties that you can consider.

Maintain Your Evergreens

Green from pine and other evergreen trees and bushes are one of the few colors in most homeowners' yards. Since they're one of the few types of plants that don't die in the winter, keep at least a few in your yard.

Bottom line: Making an exciting winter yard is possible, and you can use the cold months to think about the landscaping that you'll do in the spring to create a winter wonderland in your yard for next year. River’s Edge Landscaping is happy to help! To schedule an appointment, call (270) 232-2022.

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